Sustainability at Shreejee Electronics

Shreejee Electronics contributes to a sustainable future in everything we do, every day. Our efforts involve advancing social sustainability, conducting business in an open and transparent way and responsibly managing our environmental footprint.


Committing to sustainable community development in areas of health, education and economic development.


At Shreejee we are responsibly managing our overall environmental footprint by focusing on three areas – energy conservation, recycling and pollution control.


Ethics and compliance are embedded in our core values and we take a proactive approach to conducting business in an open and transparent way.

Empowering people

Building trust with customers and partners is central to our business success. Earning that trust starts with a foundation of principles to guide our own operations and how we impact the rights of people.
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अट्टालिका - aṭṭālikā

Attalika derived from Sanskrit meaning high rise, an umbrella for all our CSR initiatives.

Cutting Carbon Emmisions

Through continued progress against carbon neutrality and renewable energy commitments and investments in energy efficiency, we plan to lower carbon emissions by 75 percent.
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