Evolving the Shreejee Identity

shreejee Press Release

As an engineering firm engaged in maufacturing of customized electrical transformers and inductors, research and continuous improvement are key elements to our success. Now, we’re taking those best practices beyond our products and applying them to our company brand too. A new brand identity makes Shreejee more accessible and useful to our vendors.

As our primary focus is magnetics, emphasizing this in our name provides both clarity on our specialty and credibility to our brand, so we’ve refined our logo to prominently display the use of copper coils. ‘Shreejee’ will continue to be used as our corporate name and ‘SJE’ as a shortened form.

We’re particularly excited to introduce our new redesigned logo! We’re in the process of adding it to our website and other materials such as marketing collateral, forms, and stationery.

Along with the above announcement, we’ll be soon publishing our official brand guidelines documentaion here.

In the meantime, you can download our logo here.