Customized Transformers Inductors & Coils

Shreejee Electronics manufactures custom magnetic transformers, inductors, chokes and coils for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, defense, telecom, automotive, medical and other high-precision industries.


Engineering & Manufacturing Expertise

Magnetics for any requirement, for every environment

State of the Art Winding

Bench top winding machines provides high precision linear winding applications while CNC controlled traverse are electronically controlled for precise tension control.

Encapsulation (Varnish, Casting & Molding)

Our process include vacuum & pressure impregnation for high-voltage applications. Our diverse variety of sealants include anti-fungal & non-nutrient materials.

Automated Production Testing Equipment

Using high precision transformer testers we can provide a fast, reliable and flexible test solution. Testing include advanced PC, AC Partial Discharge test set.


Browse our catalog to find a product that fits your needs or request a custom design to be created by one of our experienced engineers

We manufacture laminated, toroidal, ferrite core, and R-core customized transformers.

Our custom inductors are built using powdered metals, ferrites, silicon & nickel iron materials.

We provide custom wound electrical coils that fit your individual application requirements..

We provide customized electrical coils that fit your individual solution requirements and outputs


With more than 2000 transformer manufacturers in the world, we realize you have a choice. Why choose Shreejee Electronics? Having served the needs of the industry for more than 30 years, we believe our experience makes the difference.


Rapid turn-around to requests

Safety-Stock & Lean Replenishment

Network of long-term trusted OEM and Tier 1 suppliers


Supplying magnetics since 1986

100% in-house production with guaranteed quality

Detailed Certificate of Conformance


Cost-effective, expertly-made magnetics for complex specifications

Innovative designs at no cost

Optimized performance – lower losses, cooler operation

Transformers That Perform

State-of-the-art materials, expert design capability and 100% in-house world-class manufacturing


At Shreejee Electronics, our high-performance passive magnetic components set new standards in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Defence & Military




Renewable Energy



Audio & Sound


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