Shreejee Electronics manufactures inductors to meet nearly any requirement

Our inductors are ideal for any application requiring a high DC current bias and are well suited for use in switch-mode power supplies (SMPS).

Supplying world-class inductors and chokes since 1985

Inductor types we manufacture

Inductors are passive electronic components used to smooth out ripple voltages so they carry direct current in electronically powered equipment. They store energy by creating a magnetic field when an electric current passes through it. Inductors are also called reactors, and are basic electronic components used when voltages will vary over time.

Our electrical, manufacturing, and quality engineers will work with you to provide the precise inductor you need for your application. Some of our custom inductor capabilities include the following:

Ferrite Inductors

We can manufacture ferrite inductors with the following cores: EE, RM, EP, Pot, EFD , U, UI,
Toroid, EPC, ETD, PQ.

Air Core Inductors

Air core inductors are used for high frequency and high linearity switch mode magnetics. Air
core inductors experience no core loss, and do not saturate. In addition, these inductors are an ideal solution when space is not prohibitive. Air Core Inductors offer numerous advantages, including

  • Saturation Free — Inductors with ferromagnetic cores tend to become saturated as current increases. Air Core models, however, have no core to saturate, and therefore are independent of electrical currents.
  • No Iron Losses — Without ferromagnetic cores, these inductors eliminate iron losses; as frequency increases, the cores offer better Q factor and lower distortion.
  • High Frequency Operation — Air Core operate at peak performance levels up to 1GHz.

They have multiple applications including computer devices, communication equipment, TVs, DVDs, Mobile Chargers

Toroidal Inductors

These inductors are usually a smaller size and lower cost than other inductors and can be
made from a variety of materials. Core materials for toroidal inductors can be made from the following: cobalt alloy, ferrite, metallic glass, nickel alloys, powdered iron, silicon iron, amorphous, and nanocrystalline.

Toroidal Inductors provide a number of advantages over other inductor varieties, which include:

  • Compact Size — The smaller size of Toroidal Inductors allows for excellent efficiency while maintaining top level performance.
  • Lower Cost — With smaller sizes that use less raw materials, Toroidal Inductors are a highly economical choice.
  • Efficient Design — Inductor designers can achieve shorter length of turn with smaller-sized Toroidal Inductors using less cooper wire and with no bobbin as with E-core designs.

Typical uses for toroidal inductors are common mode inductors, current sense transformers, input filter inductors, and switching regulator inductors.

High Current Inductors

High current inductors are used for inductive load simulation, and are able to withstand highest transient current spikes without saturation. Designed and manufactured to handle rated currents of hundreds of amps, the inductors are used for low DC resistance applications.

Shreejee Electronics can manufacture high current inductors for currents up to 1200 A and are designed to comply with RoHS. With a facility capable of winding sheet copper, large square magnet wire, or even large Litz wire for high frequencies, we can develop a custom solution to address all of your high current needs.

There are many different applications that rely on High Current Inductors, including battery powered equipment, automotive components, DC/DC converters, load testers, and more. Our experience runs deep in a wide variety of these uses.

Powdered Core Inductors

For applications where space is at a minimum, Powdered Core Inductors provide an excellent high capacity solution. Manufactured using iron or other ferrous alloys, the inductors can be designed in a range of custom sizes to fit your exact spatial requirements.

Powered Core Inductors, which are manufactured using a nonconductive powder to increase frequency and current capabilities by reducing eddy currents, are another option available for use in low frequency, limited space applications. The inductors allow high inductance value while limiting rolloff due to DC currents.

Iron Core Inductors are often used for low frequency applications, including, Audio equipment, Industrial power supplies, Power conditioning, Inverter systems, Rapid transit