For more than 35 years, Shreejee Electronics has been an electronics innovator and leader.

Established in 1984

In 1984, Shreejee Electronics was founded as a Partnership Firm by Manohar Das Gujrati and Prabhat Kumar Nagar. They both had experience in financial accounting and electronics manufacturing, specializing in the production of wound components.

Incorporated in 1987

The company underwent a conversion and was incorporated as a “Private Limited” company. Prabhat Kumar Nagar and Shyam Murari Nagar were subsequently appointed as Managing Directors of the company.

Our first customers

HCL logo

During the “Digital India” era in the late 1980s, Shreejee produced some of the earliest transformers utilized in CRT monitors for Hindustan Computers Ltd. (currently HCL Ltd.). Shreejee played a crucial role in India’s journey towards becoming a digitally-empowered nation.

The first manufacturer of Ferrite Transformers

At the inception of our company, ferrite core transformer manufacturers were scarce in India. However, Shreejee Electronics played a pivotal role in the production of top-notch SMPS transformers.

Products in the late 1990s

Shreejee Electronics provided transformers for the Power Interface Unit developed by Acme Telecommunications, which played a crucial role in India’s mobile communication boom after the liberalization policies of 1991.

Expansion in 2011

Our company expanded in 2011 and built a custom factory in Sector 6 Noida, UP. The 2-level factory spans 10,000 sq. ft. and is designed for improved production efficiency.

EMS for wound components

Shreejee Electronics excels in manufacturing magnetic for LED lighting and medical device manufacturing since 2012. We offer EMS and specialize in PCB assembly for telecom devices. Our automated wave-soldering machines ensure optimal automation.

Of the two original founders, Shyam Murari Nagar retired in 2010 and Prabhat Kumar Nagar still works at the company as Managing Director.

Shreejee Electronics continues to grow by producing increasingly diverse wound components and is proud to manufacture the different and challenging components.

Engineering & Manufacturing Expertise

Our engineers can help in turning your complex custom transformer requirement into a high-performance solution.