Who We Are

Incorporated in 1985, Shreejee Electronics is a leading OEM of a broad range of specialty and custom transformers, chokes, inductors and coils for use in power electronics applications.

Our products across a diversified range of business lines span the entire electrical industry, from inception to manufacture, enabling our clients to stay ahead of competitors while reducing their development costs and effectively managing risk.

Since we manufacture in India with minimal reliance on costly additional imports, we offer distinct advantages in lead time, quality, and production flexibility within the cost-conscious objectives of our clients.

We are Shreejee.

35+ Years of Experience

Supplying high quality, standard and custom magnetics since 1985.

1000+ Products

Over 1,000 in-line standard magnetic components to choose from. Shreejee can also offer powerful custom solutions.

Global Distribution

Exporting magnetics to countries worldwide.

Our Vision

Driven by our purpose to create fair and sustainable value, we work to realize our vision for a safe and sustainable future, contributing to the global effort to provide sustenance for a growing population. To do so, we are constantly creating innovative & game-changing solutions in the domain of electronics and energy.

  • By working with both suppliers and customers, we ensure the sustainable and traceable product journey
  • ensuring our standards of quality, production and performance are always above global industrial standards and deliver absolute value to all stakeholders and our planet

Our Mission

Since 1985, our mission has been to use our technical know-how and global reach to manufacture the right product for the right customer, at the right time.

For almost 35 years, we have sourced quality electrical components where they are manufactured, transported and transformed for customers around the world.

As we adapt to evolving market conditions, emerging consumer trends and a changing environment, we increasingly leverage our network and expertise to process and transform magnetic components – ourselves and with partners – and invest in the future of electricity, seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to feed a growing electrical demand for the long-term.

One engine of sustainable business is our ownership culture, in which every employee takes personal responsibility for our company’s success.

Always act as if it were your own company – this maxim applies to everyone at Shreejee Electronics, from Managing Board member to trainee.

Our Values



As a global leader in our industry, we recognize our responsibility to foster long-term stability and growth and to do business with integrity. Determined to lead by example, we continuously strive to stretch ourselves, learning from others and always challenging ourselves to improve.



We are committed to our customers, placing them at the center of everything we do. We are committed to our people, investing in them as our most important asset. We are committed to our partners, working alongside them to reap the collective rewards of responsible business.



As a global business that employs and works with thousands of people worldwide, with respect for diversity in all its forms, we strive for inclusion and non-discrimination in everything we do, encouraging open and respectful communication among our employees.



Our growth and success are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit. We empower our people to create and innovate as we build toward the future, balancing individual initiative with informed, measured judgment and controlled decision-making.

Optimally designed Magnetics

Standard or custom, simple or complex, high or low volume, we cater all your transformer needs.