Shreejee is driven to provide magnetic components on a world wide basis at a world class level of service. We are proud to offer 100% on time delivery! You can be sure that when working with us you receive the most competitive pricing and access to the latest products in the industry.

  • Flexible

    ✓ Rapid turn-around to requests.
    ✓ Safety-Stock & Lean Replenishment programs.
    ✓ Network of long-term trusted suppliers.
    ✓ Build-to-print, optimized or complete custom designs.
    ✓ A “whatever it takes” approach to fulfill evolving needs.

  • Trusted

    ✓ Supplying innovative magnetics since 1987.
    ✓ Long-term relationships with leading OEM partners.
    ✓ 100% production inspection – Certificates of Conformance.
    ✓ Guaranteed results – 5 year Warranty.

  • Deliverability

    ✓ Cost-effective, expertly-made magnetics for complex specifications.
    ✓ Collaborative and supportive design approach.
    ✓ Optimized performance – lower losses, reduced weight, cooler operation.
    ✓ Low volume production in-house or high-volume using offshore partnerships.


Industries & Applications

Our magnetic-components and assemblies span a broad range of markets–from common household products to heavy industry to leading-edge applications and beyond. OEMs rely upon our collaborative design process, cost-effective assembly and rigid quality control for performance their competitors simply can’t match.

Industrial Machines
Defence & Aerospace