At Shreejee Electronics, our high-performance magnetic components set new standards in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Our customers are primarily low-volume, high-mix OEM suppliers involved in Aerospace, Communications, Induction Heating, Transportation, Lighting, Charging, Mining, and Green Technologies, to mention just a few. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to minimize risk and provide superior products with guaranteed results.

Defense and Military

Shreejee Electronics has over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing transformers for high-reliability military applications. As such, we have experience meeting defense specifications (Mil-Spec). Our experience includes designing and building transformers for aerospace defense, tactical display equipment, mobile power-supply units, naval vessel equipment, and more.

Shreejee Electronics manufactures a wide range of military-grade transformers for use in harsh environments. Our military-rated transformers include everything from Toroids to Power Transformers (both single-phase and three-phase) and many others. We also encapsulate every military-rated transformer to withstand years of use in severe environments. We also manufacture transformers suitable for circuit-board assemblies with conformal coating.


Shreejee has extensive experience manufacturing high-reliability transformers for many different aerospace applications. We partner with aerospace-equipment manufacturers to provide transformers for a wide range of avionics equipment, including:

  • Navigation-Instrumentation,
  • Positioning Systems,
  • Communications Equipment,
  • Lighting (interior and exterior),
  • and more.
  • Avionics equipment utilizes various transformer types, including Toroids, High-Frequency Transformers, Instrument Transformers, Switching Transformers, and others.

Our capabilities enable us to manufacture and test according to exact specifications for existing designs.


Shreejee Electronics has an extensive history of designing and manufacturing transformers for broadcast applications. However, as the broadcast industry has evolved over the years, so have power supply (as well as power control and conditioning) requirements. Utilize our capabilities and abilities to benefit your slice of the ever-changing broadcast environment.

Transformers are utilized throughout broadcast electronics and telecommunication devices. These include both single-phase and three-phase Power Transformers, which serve as the power supply for transmitters. Additionally, we design custom transformers to your design specifications—up to 10 KVA. Other transformer styles utilized in broadcast electronics include Control Transformers, which power the user interface for monitoring and mixing equipment such as mixing boards, video switchers, and more.

Renewable Energy

All methods for capturing renewable energy include using a transformer at some point in the process. The most common transformer style utilized in renewable energy applications is Inverter Transformers, which convert the DC power provided by the energy-harvesting device to AC power in the household, business, and electrical-grid environments.

Shreejee Electronics designs and manufactures custom inverter transformers for a wide range of renewable energy applications and source devices—including solar panels, wind turbines, and more.

In addition to inverter transformers, Shreejee Electronics also designs and manufactures custom Inductors and Chokes, typically used to filter or condition the AC waveforms into a stable power-supply current. We also design and build Control Transformers to provide power for inverter control panels and other control functions.


Shreejee Electronics designs and manufactures transformers for Class I, Class II, and Class III medical devices. Our transformers are included in a range of medical devices and machines, including those used for medical imaging, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. Our experience includes manufacturing transformers for medical beds, MRI machines, CT machines (CAT scanners), PET scanners, Lithotripters, and more.

The transformer types used in medical applications most often include PC-Mount Transformers, Control Transformers, High-Frequency Transformers, and Power Transformers. However, we also produce many other transformer styles.

Audio & Sound

At Shreejee Electronics, we have deep roots in the audio and sound processing industry. In addition to our expansive customization capabilities, Shreejee Electronics manufactures 41 different high-quality audio transformers of our design.

Audio transformers function much the same way as standard transformers do. The only real difference is that they control the flow of audio signals instead of general electrical currents.

With our strong history in the field, we have a well-respected reputation in the professional audio field and specialize in custom solutions. We can even reverse-engineer legacy products if you want to recreate an exact sound profile.


Shreejee designs and manufactures transformers for many different industrial applications such as Railways.

  • Electronic Access Controls
  • Track Feed Reactors
  • Large-Scale Battery Chargers
  • Armatures and Signal Rectifiers
  • Material Hardness Detectors
  • Railroad Signaling Equipment
  • Beacon Lights, and Many Others

For industrial applications, you’ll also find an array of transformer types, including High Voltage Transformers, Power Transformers (both single-phase and three-phase), Control Transformers (to provide power for interface controls), as well as Encapsulated and Isolation transformers.

Food & Beverage

Heating, cooling, and processing equipment in food and beverage applications are vulnerable to fire and electrical shock. Even storage equipment such as freezers and refrigerators can pose risks. This is a serious hazard for the industry since excessive heat and inconsistent temperatures shorten the viable lifespan of food products.

Depending on the application, food and beverage equipment and appliances are subject to a wide range of UL standards.

Shreejee Electronics offers a broad selection of Class 2 compliant transformers that meet these safety standards and fit a wide range of applications.

Commercial Applications

Shreejee’s magnetic components can be found throughout every aspect of industrial and commercial processes, from the equipment used to the products manufactured. Every piece of equipment requires at least one transformer, whether standard, toroidal, current sense, or wall plug-in.

You’ll also find an array of transformer types for commercial applications, including PC Mount Transformers, Power Transformers, Control Transformers (to provide power for interface controls), and even specialized Inductors and Chokes.

Our products are used in the manufacturing of commercial goods and the goods themselves. From handheld gaming systems and computers to appliances and even automatic window treatments, any consumer good that uses electricity requires magnetics.


Shreejee Electronics incorporates a full line of magnetic components specifically designed for the automotive industry. We offer certified manufacturing and reliability testing capabilities and experience with automotive requirements.

Our product portfolio includes some of the most innovative solutions available in the industry today. Shreejee Electronics’ transformers and inductors are regularly used in automotive applications because they are energy-efficient, highly reliable and competitively priced. Our custom magnetics are included in the design of the following product applications:

  • DC/AC Inverters
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Backup Sensors
  • DC-DC Boost Converter
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Power Converter Modules
  • Particulate Matter Sensors
  • Trailer Brake Power Modules


Shreejee Electronics is a leader in providing power supplies and control power sources for complex lighting consoles. As lighting requirements have changed, we have provided the most efficient transformers for each specific application. Shreejee Electronics manufactures transformers for a wide range of high-reliability lighting applications, serving many different industries, including:

  • Aerospace / Avionics Lighting: Transformers for both interior and exterior lights, including position lights, anti-collision lights, landing lights, taxi lights, and more.
  • Stage Lighting: Transformers for luminaires with fixed and selectable voltages (ranging from 100 to 277 volts), pixelated luminaires, bar lights, and others.
  • Lighting Controls: Transformers as a power source for panel interface controls, such as stage-lighting controls.
  • Tower Lights: Transformers provide power for tower lights to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) tower-lighting requirements.
  • Navy/Marine Lighting: Transformers for both sea-vessel navigation lights as well as seaport and container-port lighting.

Industrial Application

Shreejee Electronics manufactures transformers for many different industrial applications. STC transformers power a wide range of industrial equipment, including:

  • Cutting Lasers on CNC Machines,
  • Electronic Access Controls,
  • Large-Scale Battery Chargers,
  • Printing-Press Equipment,
  • Material Hardness Detectors,
  • Railroad Signaling Equipment,
  • Beacon Lights

For industrial applications, you’ll also find an array of transformer types, including High Voltage Transformers, Power Transformers (both single-phase and three-phase), Control Transformers (to provide power for interface controls), as well as Encapsulated and Isolation transformers.