Designing tips for your next customized magnetic product

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Looking at your magnetic design requirements and not sure where to start? These 21 Design tips will help to get you started Need more help? Give us a call! Talk to an experienced Magnetics design engineer early in your product design cycle to discuss the efficiency/cost trade-off’s available for your particular situation. Decide ahead of time what electrical standards your …

Catalogue for Shreejee: Our new Android app

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We are happy to announce our official application for Android. Catalogue for Shreejee is the easiest way to browse and buy from hundreds of electro-magnetic components including but not limited to transformers, inductors, chokes, line filters and other custom wounded magnetics. A perfect app for companies who are looking to integrate our magnetics into their electrical project that requires quality …

Evolving the Shreejee Identity

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As an engineering firm engaged in maufacturing of customized electrical transformers and inductors, research and continuous improvement are key elements to our success. Now, we’re taking those best practices beyond our products and applying them to our company brand too. A new brand identity makes Shreejee more accessible and useful to our vendors. As our primary focus is magnetics, emphasizing …

The Greatest Gift

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We Indians call our nation mother India and are great devotees of Mother Goddess in various manifestations. The Greatest Gift was last modified: March 21st, 2019 by shreejee

Realising India: An education initiative

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“Good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.” – Desmond Tutu Education is the backbone of every society in this world. But what matters the most is the quality education- a dream for many. In India, out of the 229 million students enrolled for class I – XII, only few receive quality education with good teachers and …

Forest Based Sustainable Livelihood Projects

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As a part of its commitment towards climate change initiatives, company planted thousands of trees at seven different locations across Delhi and Noida. The main objective of company to spend CSR funds in this project to create green cover area by plantation.As a part of its commitment towards climate change initiatives, company planted thousands of trees at seven different locations …

Air Core Transformers, what are they?

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Antenna coils, also known as air core transformers, are the primary transformers used in various types of electronic radio and communication devices. They are well-known for their use in small electronic applications such as radio transmission. What makes Air Core Transformers Different from Other Types? The function of an air core transformer is based on the induction between two magnetically …

Why choose Shreejee Electronics as your power transformer manufacturer?

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Power transformers are among the popular types of transformers used by many industries. They are extremely efficient in transmitting high voltage levels at loads above 33 kV. They are designed for maximum efficiency and perform at their peak at 100% capacity. Power transformers are used in transmission networks, power generation stations, and transmission substations. They can be designed for step-up, …

Your definite guide to Ferrite Core Transformers

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An electric power transformer features primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary windings. The flux linkage between these windings drives the transformer. For effective flux linkage, one low reluctance magnetic path is provided in the transformer. This path is known it typically in the core. Your definite guide to Ferrite Core Transformers was last modified: March 21st, 2019 by shreejee