Why are all transformer manufacturers not the same?

Transformers are the most critical element of almost all electrical systems, so choosing the most trusted, reliable, and experienced manufacturer becomes difficult. There are various transformer types available, each having a unique construction, a unique working, and a unique purpose for solving. And, every different kind of transformer requires appropriate skills and specializations. Every transformer manufacturer cannot able to build every type of transformer.

Following are some factors that could help you decide how to choose a transformer manufacturer.


Experience matters. A manufacturer in the industry working for a decade or more has immense knowledge and wealth of experience in manufacturing the product. In addition, they may have come across various clients and acquired the art of dealing with them per their specific requirements. Additionally, all this experience also brings forward many problems and possible resolutions. Thus, you can rest assured that the manufacturer you chose has the key to almost all potential issues.

Product Quality

Who wants to compromise the quality of products, mainly when the entire electronic system’s performance depends on that one critical component? Hence it becomes more important to source quality products when approaching any manufacturer.

A manufacturer’s product quality can be ensured by asking for client feedback or verifying their accreditations or proof of standards.

Pre and post-sales service

Not only is the quality of products necessary, but you also want the best quality service. “Service” in a manufacturer industry in its truest sense may mean: 

  • the ability to produce quality components with the help of lean manufacturing processes
  • using the best raw materials
  • quick and quality production procedures, and
  • minimum wastage of resources

Transparency and honesty are always expected from the manufacturer so that you may get timely updates and delivery. However, the service aspect of a manufacturer will not end after selling goods. The manufacturer should take the responsibility of offering after-sales services if any problems arise in the future.

Customization capabilities

Readily available off-the-shelf products can not always meet your requirements every time. Hence, you may require specially designed transformers to meet your exact specifications. Therefore, you may need to associate with a transformer manufacturer that can manufacture customized transformers. Also, it is best to check for the capacity to produce volumes. It’s best to have a manufacturer who can deliver high volumes while also tending to small-sized orders. You never know when your requirements may increase or decrease with season or time.

The best bet is to partner with Shreejee Electronics for custom transformer manufacturing requirements. After all, we have been manufacturing transformers such as power, toroidal, medical isolation, SMPS, UI, EI, audio, and single-phase for clients in varying industries for over 35 years, making us the most versatile transformer manufacturer in India.

Need Custom Magnetics?

We work with you to build a component that fits your need perfectly.

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