Price increase and strategic review

Dear Customers,

Trust that you and your family are staying safe during this challenging time.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to create challenges thought-out the world economy, including the mineral and metal-dependent transformer industry. At Shreejee Electronics, among other challenges, many of our material suppliers are struggling to meet our demand – resulting in cost increases and aggressive commercial terms to maintain our supply of these scarce materials.

Increase in COGS

To recover rapidly rising raw material inputs, we are compelled to increase our costs of goods sold.

  • Copper wire prices have increased approximately 100% in the last ten months.
  • Iron cores are now above 60% of their base averages from the previous year.
  • Ferrite Core has increased at a rate of 30-35%

Aggressive commercial terms with suppliers

Our suppliers are also aggressively revising commercial terms – reduced payment terms and increased delivery lead time.

  • Our suppliers have reduced our credit period by 50% to keep the working capital demand.
  • The supplies delivery schedule has also been delayed significantly.

Given this situation and after carefully analyzing increased materials and overhead costs, we are writing to inform you of an inevitable price increase across all product lines and give you adequate notice to manage and incorporate this change accordingly. We request you to contact us before placing any orders kindly.

Apart from the price increase, we must revise our payments and delivery terms with you. The same will be discussed and agreed upon mutually in the coming weeks.

As always, we will try to re-establish prices and other terms as the market and costs dictate.

In addition, we are simultaneously experiencing strong demand across all product lines. Therefore, despite our significant capital investments, we are allocating our production capacity based on your firm order placement and our best demand visibility to maximize our manufacturing operations’ efficiency.

Please be assured that Shreejee Electronics has made every effort to keep this increase to a minimum while still achieving our desired goals by not increasing our share of profits or margins. This pricing action and revision in the overall business strategy will continue to provide the high level of service and quality you have come to expect and deserve from Shreejee Electronics.

We greatly appreciate your continued business and support during this tumultuous change. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is more than happy to discuss this situation with you.


Prabhat Kumar Nagar
Managing Director

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