The Art of Shipping – Tips from our 35 years of experience

With over 35 years of experience in supplying our custom custom magnetics components including transformers, chokes and inductors to customers throughout India and across the ocean, we’ve faced our share of “unfortunate events” with shipping. So here are a few important points to think about in the pursuit of getting your parts on time, intact, and at a reasonable cost.

  • Let us know who your favorite carrier is (courier, trucking company or hyper local delivery service).
    Please note that you need to consider if it’s a heavy item or a large quantity; shipping hundreds of kilos by air is going to increase the cost significantly.
  • Do you have an account with your carrier that we should be aware of?
  • Avoid the “low-cost” carriers that tend to find “creative” ways to increase your price despite their lowest-price quote. Increase of risk of damage increases significantly with such “low-cost” carriers.
  • Do inform us beforehand who your contact person is for shipping matters.
  • We need your GSTIN if you’re in India.
  • How soon do you really need the parts? You can save a lot of ₹₹₹ by shipping over the course of a few days or picking up tomorrow instead of today.
  • Does your facility have a shipping dock or are we delivering to your house? Can you accept a skid? Do you have special hours? These all make a big difference in the type of truck needed to carry your parts. For example, hand-bombing boxes off of a skid on an 18-wheeler is never fun
    Note that from a damage perspective, shipping multiple parts on a skid has a big advantage over loose boxes.
  • Consolidation of multiple orders in one shipment at the same time can offer large savings.
  • If you’re Offshore, we recommend working with a Freight Forwarder.

The main point is that with just a little preparation in advance, we’ll get your parts to you safe & sound, on-time and at a cost that won’t empty your wallet.

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