Choosing a Current or Potential Transformer

When measuring AC currents and voltages of high magnitude, we often take for granted clamp and amp meters. However, the question is, how are these portable measuring instruments able to step down the magnitude to …

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Zatka Machine Transformers

One of the biggest challenges any livestock owner or farmer faces is selecting the proper fencing and equipment for their operation’s needs. Electric fencing should not only keep animals in or out and establish farm …

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Why are all transformer manufacturers not the same?

Transformers are the most critical element of almost all electrical systems, so choosing the most trusted, reliable, and experienced manufacturer becomes difficult. There are various transformer types available, each having a unique construction, a unique …

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Non applicability of higher TDS rate

Dear Customer, The Government of India (GoI) has introduced section 206AB in the Income-tax Act, 1961 (Act), which mandates higher Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) in case of non-filing of income tax returns (ITR) by …

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Price increase and strategic review

Dear Customers, Trust that you and your family are staying safe during this challenging time. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to create challenges thought-out the world economy, including the mineral and metal-dependent transformer industry. At …

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Safety Tips: Caring for Transformers

any electrical hazards can be prevented by following some easy-to-follow caring tips for transformers. Below are some general electricity safety precautions every transformer manufacturer and end-user should know and follow. Always remember to ask a …

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We are now on KooApp

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We are happy to announce that Shreejee Electronics is now officially available on the Koo app. Follow us and share your thoughts on the microblogging platform by clicking here

Updates to policy regarding mode of communication

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Come 31st January 2021, Shreejee Electronics will no longer use WhatsApp as its preferred mode of instant messaging. We kindly advise all stakeholders (clients, vendors, and other partners) to continue their conversation with us via …

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