Month: October 2020

Types of wires for various magnetic applications

In this post we’ll provide brief introduction to different types of wires available for numerous magnetic applications: Round Wire Round wire is the most commonly used wire, made of a round conducting section covered by …

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What are medical-grade transformers?

Have you ever asked the question, “What is the difference between medical-grade transformers and non-medical grade transformers?” Medical Grade Transformers are almost exclusively isolation transformers that satisfy many safety guidelines and rules beyond the requirements …

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Your opinion matters

Dear Business Partner, At Shreejee Electronics, we strive to manufacture quality products and maintain cordial relations with our vendors and clients. To ensure you received the very best magnetic products and services from us and …

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Autotransformer vs Isolation Transformer

An isolation transformer is an electrical transformer with a primary and secondary coil winding. These windings are separated by insulation. This insulation limits the risk of electrocution when the active parts and earth are touched simultaneously. An autotransformer is …

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What are balun transformers?

balun tranformer

In the world of electronics, it’s common to hear about two varieties of lines—balanced and unbalanced. Balanced lines have two conductors, which feature equal currents running in opposite directions. An example of balanced lines is …

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