Month: October 2020

Your opinion matters

Dear Business Partner, At Shreejee Electronics, we strive to manufacture quality products along with maintaining cordial relations with our vendors and clients. To ensure, you received the very best magnetic products and services from us, and continue to do so, we’d love to hear your feedback. Take a few moment to fill out a short …

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Design Considerations for High Frequency Transformers

With the need for more efficient and smaller power supplies providing power to electrical equipment, high frequency transformers are a critical component of supplying power to modern electronics. The market forces that are driving the proliferation of electronics into more and more applications are the result of a steady stream of design innovation that has …

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An Introduction to Toroidal Power Transformer

As you might already know, transformers are devices that transfer power between two parts of an electrical circuit by creating an isolation with varying current and voltage. They are an integral part for almost all electrical applications. Power transformers, are used when high-efficiency power transfer is needed. Depending on the specific application, devices may operate …

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Autotransformer vs Isolation Transformer

An isolation transformer is an electrical transformer with a primary and secondary coil winding. These windings are separated by insulation. This insulation limits the risk of electrocution when the active parts and earth are touched simultaneously. An autotransformer is an electrical transformer with only one winding. The term “auto” refers to a single coil acting …

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What are balun transformers?

In the world of electronics, it’s common to hear about two varieties of lines—balanced and unbalanced. Balanced lines have two conductors, which feature equal currents running in opposite directions. An example of balanced lines is twisted pair cables. On the other hand, unbalanced lines feature just one conductor and a ground, like a coaxial cable. …

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Standard set of information for any transformer requirement

This page provides direction for people interested in submitting their transformer requirements. Keep in mind, you’re always welcome to call in your specs or send them to us through the Quote Request page. As you may expect, our design engineers gather a standard set of information when taking transformer requirements. If you are unable to …

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Incoming Inspection Testing on Soft Ferrite Cores

Many a times power electronics engineers find magnetics design as a complex process and when it comes to incoming inspection of ferrites – many have very basic knowledge and lot of misconceptions. Here’s a good application note on the same. Research paper originally appearing on MH&W International Corp. NJ, USA.