Incoming Inspection Testing on Soft Ferrite Cores

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Many a times power electronics engineers find magnetics design as a complex process and when it comes to incoming inspection of ferrites – many have very basic knowledge and lot of misconceptions. Here’s a good application note on the same. Research paper originally appearing on MH&W International Corp. NJ, USA.

The Art of Shipping – Tips from our 35 years of experience

With over 35 years of experience in supplying our custom magnetics components, including transformers, chokes and inductors, to customers throughout India and across the ocean, we’ve faced our share of “unfortunate events” with shipping. So here are a few crucial points to think about in the pursuit of getting your parts on time, intact, and …

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The Difference Between Inductors and Transformers

Transformers and inductors seem very similar in a visual and construction sense. However, they have different applications and have their unique design and construction elements. Below is a summary about them both, which provides a little guidance on the differences. Inductors An inductor (also called a choke or reactor) is a passive two-terminal electrical component. It is made of …

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Types of Magnetic Core Materials for Transformers

The electrical power transformer features primary, secondary, and tertiary windings. The flux between the windings drives the transformer. Magnetic cores are used in transformers, which serve as the pathway of the flux. The core can be made from various materials. This post discusses some of them. The magnetic core is a material with magnetic permeability, …

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Distribution or Power Transformers, what to choose?

When it comes to the power distribution sector, two types of transformers are used – distribution and power transformers. However, first-time customers should realize that there are specific differences between these products. We provide the differences with this post. Understanding Distribution Transformers and its Types Also known as a service transformer, distribution transformers are types …

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What are Air Core Transformers?

Air core transformers, also called antenna coils, are transformers used in electronic radio, radio transmission, and other communications systems.  How are Air Core Transformers Different from Other Transformers? Induction between two magnetically linked coils and windings is how an air coil transformer works. These transformers consist of primary and secondary windings constructed from insulated copper …

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21 designing tips for electromagnetic transformers

Looking at your magnetic design requirements and not sure where to start? These 21 Design tips will help to get you started. Talk to an experienced Magnetics design engineer early in your product design cycle to discuss the efficiency/cost trade-off’s available for your particular situation. Decide ahead of time what electrical standards your product and/ …

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Some common magnetic terminologies

An iron-core transformer for use with audio-frequency currents to transfer signals from one circuit to another. They are used for impedance matching to permit the maximum transfer of power. Autotransformer A transformer with a single winding (electrically) in which the whole winding acts as the primary winding, and only part of the winding acts as …

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Ferrite Cores for Engineers: The Definite Guide

An electric power transformer features primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary windings. The flux linkage between these windings drives the transformer. For effective flux linkage, one low reluctance magnetic path is provided in the transformer. This path is known it typically in the core. Generally, the core is made from different materials like silicon steel, ferrites, …

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