What are Air Core Transformers?

Air core transformers, also called antenna coils, are transformers used in electronic radio, radio transmission, and other communications systems.  How are Air Core Transformers Different from Other Transformers? Induction between two magnetically linked coils and …

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Some common magnetic terminologies

An iron-core transformer for use with audio-frequency currents to transfer signals from one circuit to another. They are used for impedance matching to permit the maximum transfer of power. Autotransformer A transformer with a single …

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Ferrite Cores for Engineers: The Definite Guide

An electric power transformer features primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary windings. The flux linkage between these windings drives the transformer. For effective flux linkage, one low reluctance magnetic path is provided in the transformer. This …

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Commitment to our customers during the Covid 19 crisis

covid 19 response blogpost

Dear Customer, Trust that you and your family are staying safe during this challenging time. We are closely monitoring the recent developments regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). At Shreejee, our priority is …

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